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Candle Smoke
Candle Smoke
(By: Lauren Grace Williamson)
A lingering and
     Intoxicating scent
          Staining and soaking
Your skin
A flawless thing
     Floating in delicate wisps
          Soft puffs of grey
Dissolving into thin air
Waving your fingers
     Through the mess
          Taking pleasure in
The short-lived warmth
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Obituary for Self Respect
The birth of humanity to 2010 Self-Respect, we discovered recently has died, neither date of death nor where she died can be determined. Self-Respect has been around since humans can remember; there hasn't been a moment when she had not been around to help keep us going. She watched us develop into the society we are today. She watched us when the Code of Hammurabi was written, when the pyramids were constructed, when Alexander the Great founded his empire. Self-Respect was here when Julius Caesar was elected consul, when the Chinese developed paper and gunpowder, when the Samurai traded they're traditional weapons for the smoking guns of the Portuguese. She was here when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, when Jamestown was founded, when the United States won its freedom from Britain. Self-Respect has watched us humans fight our bloody and nonsensical wars, she watched as the world changed before her very eyes. She watched as people lost hope in their app
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A Mistake
There lying in his numb fingers,
The carnivorous gleaming steel monster
That lent him the power to deal the final blow
The last move which made it so he, who had loved her with is whole beating heart
Could never have another chance to see her
To touch her
To love her.
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2 Am
There are just some songs that u have to sing along with
When it's 2 or 3 AM
When ur so tired but u feel alive and filled
With beauty
U know,
When it's early in the morning and every thing
Seems so clear and
Everything is possible the reverse is also
So true blue that u scribble and
Write across the blank slate of ur mind
When u run out of room, the words
And skitter across your eyes and walls
The simplest things like
Dust motes shining gray in the white light of
The tired moon sullied by the smoky clouds
All the words are smashed together into
A never-ending story that
Makes u want to spin and shout
To the
That u feel so exposed
To the universe
Like now that it's all out
That u can't hold your self up
U cant protect your
Self from the hordes
Of stabbing people
But u cry and cry
Ur done
Ur done with the world
With the punch drunk humans crowding the surface
But u stare at the words and
The pen in your hand
Your words cant stop
Your words run
Into sentences w
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I live in a
with no fear
no fear, only
all are beaten into
There is no
only leads to
that leads to children
leaking gossamer
from thier blank minds
that trickle down from hopeless
there are no
the state is one
all wear
of hate and
never a glimmer of magic
all is washed away by
there is no
for the broken
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Hey mommy, take a close look at your sweet little baby,
Take a look at the monster that your baby has become.
Watch her as her first kiss is stolen from her bruised lips,
Not given to her significant other sweetly and slowly with love.
Watch her hide the bruises on her neck and sides
From her abusive boyfriend, the one who can't seem to understand that no means
See how she curls into the tightest ball that her ravaged body will allow
Just to get away from the world, from him, from you.
A weeping little sparrow with her wings broken, her skin dripping rubies
Look at the rubies that leak from her skin and her forever downcast eyes
Watch as she takes her first dose of personal hell, the needle sliding under
Breaking her skin, sending toxins and addiction through her veins, soon she will lose all
Watch your helpless child whither away, simply laying on a dirty mattress
That nasty belligerent boy forcing his hands upon her fragile body
While she stares with glassy blank eyes at th
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A Tale of a Summer Eyed Girl
Summer Eyes
Luscious, beauteous, chestnut toned
Summer eyes see
Time go by, the wind rustling the leaves, sun baking the pavement
Summer eyes not seeing
The negative, her heart, the world
Summer twirling
Lifting off, taking flight, spiraling in wonder
Summer twirling round
Round and round, here she goes, spinning until she finally loses track
Summer twirling round faster
So fast, that she falls to the ground, staring at the glimmering stars
Summer dancing
In the moon light, across her warm bedroom floor
Summer dancing with
Silent fervor, her eyes becoming lost in the pair of the boy she holds closely
Summer dancing with grace
Slowly telling the tale of her summers past, as she spins slowly in his arms
Summer ends
With a kiss goodbye that was lost to the wind
Summer ends with
A quiet glance and a firm embrace, long-lasting but soon ending
Summer ends with love
Not hate or spite, he will come again she knows, he will come back for her
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my mind is spinning
beautiful chaotic
i need this feeling
to keep me sane
i dont know what has
happened but
all i can say is that
i need this
i need all of the
bits an peices
that make up this feeling
beautiful chaotic
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My Angel
May I ask thee how you came to be so fair?
For my heart beats so very fast when I see you;
Not even the most beautiful rose can compare,
No not even one, for you are worth two.
Your beauty will be praised for years to come
They will sing to you and your daughters of your eyes.
They will trill about how they are too deep for some,
They sing of how the angels threw down their jealous cries.
I will ask thee once more how you grew,
How did you grow into the wondrous beauty you are?
I will ask thee how you can be so pure and true,
How can your being have not even a single shallow scar?
Can you hear me whispering to you my love?
As God himself tells you to return to heaven above.
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My World
No my world does not revolve around me, my world revolves around the molten orb of edible gold that is my sun that floats high in my candy blue sky. In my sky, clouds of condensed dirt and steam crawl around. They never know where they want to go:
"Should I leave a trail of acid rain over Russia? Should I take a trip to Mexico? Or maybe I should just see where the wind takes me…"
These mounds of fluff and whatnot never have a specific shape; only the inhabitants of my earth can say what they are. They can never agree about anything. They disagree about the shapes of the sluggish piles of pollution in the sky. It could be about the shape of themselves or the shapes of others. They are all like bickering chicks and I, the hen, have no control over them. They fight and stab and ell until one or the other dies. They tend to bleed an intriguing reddish-black color that tastes like ash and smells like copper. They bleed it into my rivers, which flow into my oceans, which evaporate into
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Lauren Grace
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United States
I am an ametur photographer, hopeful and confident writer, and a stong independent thinker. I hope to make the best of my life and to experience everything to its fullest extent. I am Lauren Grace W.

Wow....It's Been a While....

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 5:48 AM
  • Listening to: my cat :P
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So yeah, it's been a while since ive been on here; I'm feeling kind of guilty :( Been busy with school and people, then I was busy with babysitting and frirends. Got a new boyfriend :), he's an incredible person and artist. ummmmm so yeah i think thats about it, and i need to start typing up more of my stuff and putting it on here :P I'll get to it.


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